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Together we can create and run sustainable businesses! We will help you start a business together in Jönköping or other places in the region.

Starting your own business gives you the opportunity to realize an idea, solve a problem or create new jobs. We think starting a business is fun. And we believe in working together to do something worthwhile. At our 25 locations throughout Sweden, Coompanion offers information, training and advice for starting your own business, free of charge. Our areas of expertise are cooperative enterprise and social entrepreneurship.

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How can we help?

We can help as you refine your business idea, map out the first steps for starting a cooperative business, decide how to organize your cooperation, analyze local needs and markets and look for other companies to collaborate with. We can also provide advice on budgeting, contracts and applying for funding, as well as training and support when you are planning to expand. In addition to our free advice, we also offer paid business consultancy services.

About us

Local and regional development

Coompanion Jönköpings Län initiates development projects with a focus on cooperation and entrepreneurship. This often leads us to seek development funds for implementation or to collaborate with a third party. We work to actively contribute to the development of our region. By broadening the view of innovation and entrepreneurship, creating a diversity of businesses and fostering an inclusive society, we contribute to Jönköping County’s development strategy.

Business consultancy and development

Our business consultancy and development services are financed in part by Tillväxtverket (the Swedish Agency for Economical and Regional Growth) and are thus offered free of charge. We provide these services to those who plan to start and lead businesses together as well as those who want to solve a societal challenge through entrepreneurship.

What is cooperative enterprise?

Cooperative companies combine democracy with business development and social responsibility. They can be run under a variety of different corporate structures.

A cooperative economic association is the most common and widely used structure for cooperative businesses in Sweden. This is often an ideal corporate structure to choose because the relevant legislation is designed to support a democratic approach to ownership. All joint owners/members of the association have a vote and they jointly decide how the cooperative’s profits will be allocated or used.

A cooperative economic association (in common with a limited company) is a legal entity. It must comprise at least three people or companies and the members must decide together on the size of the start-up capital.

Help to start a business together in Jönköping

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How can it be free of charge?

Our counseling is free thanks to funding from the Swedish government and Tillväxtverket.