Is circularity the solution for rural businesses? Or are rural businesses the key to a circular economy?

Those questions where examined on an international hackathon in Kalmar 18 – 19 October 2019. 30 researchers, students and entrepreneurs from six different countries gathered to help four rural businesses find circular solutions to their challenges.

The four business where Hagby mechanical industry, Rugstorps farm, AdLib social enterprise and Accounting services in Mönsterås. Four very different types of companies but all situated in a rural setting and with a will to become more sustainable.

The participants in the hackathon came from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland and had different areas of expertise. They all prepared themselves with a web course on circular economy and business development, to have a common ground when tackling the companies challenges. At the hackathon the participants worked together in mixed teams during two intensive days and ended up presenting their best solutions for their case companies.

Natalia Likholot, Novum, Ukraine, explains their ideas to the case company.
30 participants from six different countries worked hard to find innovative solutions for rural businesses.
In the circular economy waste is minimised through smart business models and product design.

Do you want to know more about circular economy? Have a look at Ellen Macarthur Foundations webpage! Are you working at an organisation in Kalmar or Kronoberg county and want help with your circular transformation?  The project CRKKL can help you with your business development, material flow, energy use, products and services to become more circular.

The project has being carried out with financial support from the Swedish Institute. For more information, contact project coordinator Eva Engström, +46767 637 337,